SAMUEL WEST - Doctor of Organisational Psychology

Samuel West is a psychologist and researcher in organizational psychology and creativity. Samuel presented his dissertation at Lund University at the end of last year where his dissertation demonstrates how a playful workplace makes employees more creative, both as individuals and in groups. He has developed the Creativity-Index (an innovative creativity test developed with funds from Vinnova) and written several books with an emphasis on creativity. He is the founder of the Museum of failure, which opens in June in Helsingborg, Sweden. The museum is a collection of over sixty interesting innovation failures, which provide visitors a fascinating learning experience. Today he is a lecturer and consultant with the message that playfulness at work stimulates the creativity of workgroups.

KARIN BENDIXEN, Bexcom - Advisor in Inclusive Design

Karin Bendixen is one of the most knowledgeable and expert people in Europe on the subject of inclusive design – design for all ages and abilities. She holds an M.A. in Journalism & Sociology and has a background as an occupational therapist and journalist. She is the founder and owner of the consultancy company Bexcom. Over the past 25 years she has worked nationally and internationally in the field of Universal Design and Inclusive Design – bringing elderly and users with disabilities into the design process together with stakeholders – often with new innovative solutions as a result. She has been the advisor on several award-winning design- and architecture projects. She regularly gives lectures abroad and has been writing about these subjects in various national and international magazines and books.

ÅSA SANDBERG - Managing Director TEDxGöteborg

Åsa Sandberg is one of Gothenburg’s leading networkers using her skills as project manager at Nine Yards, Managing Director of TEDxGöteborg, and initiator of the Nudging Sweden network, which aims to initiate, manage, and promote behavioral change for a sustainable future.

Åsa is passionate about innovation and networking where she moderates corporate events, runs business networks, consults in sustainability, and leads the establishment of the world’s premier lecture event in Gothenburg. At the moment, she devotes her time to the ideal assignment as Managing Director of TEDxGöteborg, part of the global lecture phenomenon TED.

PETER NORDIN - Expert in AI and complex adaptive systems

Peter Nordin is a computer scientist, entrepreneur, and author who has contributed to artificial intelligence, automatic programming, machine learning and evolutionary robotics. He started his career working as a knowledge engineer focusing on research and development of knowledge-based systems and complex system configurations. His research, which is among the top 200 most-cited in computer science, has led to several European projects including machine learning in autonomous vehicles and methodologies for AI system development.

Peter has started several companies such as Dacapo AB, VILL AB, Tific AB and is the inventor of the ALLAN-method. Peter received Sten Gustafssons prize for entrepreneuring, awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Scences and was on the board of the Swedish AI Society.

MARTIN GRAN, Snøhetta - Partner & Managing Director of Branding

Martin Gran is a partner and Managing Director of Snøhetta Brand Design. Prior to this, he was Scandinavian Design Group’s New Business Director and Strategic Advisor, responsible for major brands in Europe and the Nordic region. In 2006 he worked at McCann Erickson in New York with clients such as Master Card and Air Canada. He began his career at Leo Burnett Insight in 1998 as a Strategic Planner and become Director of Advertising in Rimi (ICA Ahold) in 2001. From 2000 to 2003, Martin was a Director at Leo Burnett Advertising Agency which included advertising customer such as McDonalds and CocaCola. Martin has also given lectures at AHO (Architecture and Design in Olso) and the Westerdals School of Communication.


Åsa is passionate about innovation and networking. She divides her time between moderating corporate events, running business networks, consulting on sustainability and acting as Managing Director of TEDx Gothenburg.


Torin is member of the User Experience group in the design department here at Semcon. He is a passionate advocate for the end-user who longs for the day when the administrative minutia of daily life is integrated and automated so that we can concentrate on the experience of living.